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            Crankshaft machining technology
            DATE:2012/6/29    CLICK: 1700

               At present the majority of the domestic crankshaft production line by the general machine tools and special machine tools, and relatively low production efficiency and automation. Roughing equipment and more multi-tool lathe turning crankshaft main journal Shui neck, poor stability of process quality, easy to produce a large internal stress, it is difficult to achieve a reasonable allowance. General finishing the MQ8260 such as crankshaft grinder coarse grinding - semi-fine grinding - grinding - polishing, usually rely on manual processing of unstable quality.

                 Jie Xing for stable machining quality, the crankshaft roughing CNC lathes, CNC milling, CNC broaching machine tools and other advanced equipment on the main journal rod journal CNC turning, milling, car - broaching, in order to effectively reduce the crankshaft deformation processing. Crankshaft finishing grinding of crankshaft grinder CNC control its journal. This grinder is equipped with wheel auto-balancing device, the center of the frame auto-tracking device, automatic measurement, automatic compensation device, automatic grinding wheel dressing, constant speed, functional requirements, can guarantee the stability of the grinding quality, and also application of ion nitriding and nodular cast iron crankshaft fillet rolling, Barrel Finishing of new technologies, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

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