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            The main principle of the crankshaft
            DATE:2012/6/29    CLICK: 1762

              The crankshaft is an important engine parts, the material is made ​​of carbon structural steel or ductile iron, and the connecting rod with the gas pressure acting on the piston into rotating power passed to the chassis of the driveinstitutions. The crankshaft has two important areas: the main journal rod neck, (other parts). Main journal support portion of the crankshaft main bearing support in the crankcase main bearing, connecting rod journal is part of the crankshaft and connecting rod connection, the connecting rod journal and connecting rod hole to connect the connecting rod small end hole is a typical slider-crank mechanism connected with the cylinder piston rod journal is connected to the crank and spindle neck, at the junction of the arc transition.The crankshaft middle of the oil passages and bearing the same pressure oil lubrication, cooling depend on the oil pump after the engine is running. Engine working process, the piston after the blasting of the mixed compressed gas pushes the piston linear motion and force to the crankshaft through the connecting rod from the crankshaft to linear motion into rotary motion. The rotation of the crankshaft of engine power source.

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